Document Management with Artificial Intelligence in AZURE

Departmental technology solution that turns your physical file into an organized and intelligent Digital Vault.

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Access and Management of documents in the cloud and ON Premise


Grupo 105

Search Wizard

Sensitive search to help users find relevant documents (OCR)

Grupo 106

Electronic signature

Digital Signature Service with digital seal operation flows and Nom 151 Preservation Certificates.

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Executive dashboards

Knows the existing volume by business unit aligned to the archival classification catalog.

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Virtual assistant

Machine learning system powered by Azure OpenAI technology

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Information Security

Security best practices aligned to ISO/IEC 27001 Document Encryption

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Do you spend a lot of time searching for sensitive information and need an AI document management system?

Our platform is built with the most advanced technology to adapt to your specific requirements and your company's visual identity.

It has been meticulously developed to ensure the secure storage of corporate data, operating on a robust indexing platform that integrates diverse information sources. This ensures that your team has immediate and seamless access to the information they need, regardless of location, aided by our interactive virtual assistant and sophisticated search engine.

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With our platform you will meet the management needs of a wide range of industries, including businesses, hospitals, financial, educational and governmental institutions. Our goal is to optimize workflow, ensuring the preservation, organization and availability of critical data in an efficient manner. We want to overcome the limitations of physical documents, which are prone to loss, theft or damage, and represent a burden on the environment, our digital solution represents a significant advance in operational efficiency and sustainability.

The immediate results you will have are:

  • A digital repository with correlated files and databases of digitized records.
  • It will facilitate the self-management of procedures and services.
  • Government and corporate interoperability.
  • The correct organization and identification of the documents contained in the files.
  • Legal support for electronic representation and preservation of documents according to NOM-151.
  • Migration of physical documents to electronic, optical or any other technology.
  • Efficient and improved control of file consultation and loan.
  • Data security and availability, keeping the information complete and accessible for consultation.
  • Uploading of different content files (text, images, videos, documents).

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